Thursday, November 4, 2010

Saskrotch - Shutting Down EP + Nintendo Breakz Volume One

Okay I know it's not exactly a new day, but this isn't a list of favorite chiptunes either.
Instead, this is a post about Saskrotch, more or less - a big dude with an awesome beard who makes the best chipbreak you will ever hear.

I uploaded both his Shutting Down EP and his Nintendo Breakz CD, so you can give it a listen.
Shutting Down is an album consisting of 5 awesome tracks, while Nintendo Breakz is a 20-something compilation of old classic Nintendo game music loops, with added Amen goodness.


Also, I know that my blog seems quite messy, featuring both releases of my own creations, blog posts about personal life, and then music posts and shit.
I just find it more easy to keep it combined instead of making individual blogs for every subject.

Oh well, enjoy the breaks.


  1. Its a Mooshead Music blog so anything doing with it is included right?

    It aight

  2. I like what you did with your blog.
    Followin !

  3. thanks for the link but is it legal , i mean downloading

  4. thanks for this got some music to listen to now

  5. I want the full album

    Great stuff !!!!

  6. @Antonio
    This is the full album. Both of them, actually.

    Yep, he released both albums for free, under the Creative Commons license.