Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thrill Kill - PSX

Alright so for those of you who does not know what this game is, I'll tell you the basics.
It's a 3D fighter for the PS1, which got cancelled at about 90% completion, due to EA being complete pricks.

It was revolutionary in the sense that up to 4 players could fight against each other at the same time, which was awesome.
It was also controversial as fuck, with deep sexual undertones and excessive violence.

The game's "story" is a bunch of people died, went to hell and are fighting against each other to relive their final minutes alive.
Yeah, shitty story, I know.
The characters are projections of their insane sides, such as Cain, who is a Pyromaniac that died to his own fires, and is now engulfed in flames.

The characters are grotesque, but actually very fucking funny to look at.
My absolute favorite has got to be Dr. Faustus; a plastic surgeon gone insane, and disfigures his patients on purpose. Has a sort-of bear trap for a mouth, and wields a scalpel in one of his hands.
He got to be the most ridiculous character in a fighting game ever made, looks like he was in a cartoon, yet has these gracious Kung-Fu moves, it's all very nice and pretty.

Of the other characters are Cleetus, a backwater cannibal, who smacks you with a leg from one of his former victims and knows martial arts for no apparent reason, Belladonna who is a DOMINATRIX MAID and The Imp, a midget with Napoleon Syndrome, who cut off his legs to put stilts instead.

The game is available on alot of sites, I got my (illegal) copy off of EmuParadise, and since converted it for use with a PSP.
If anyone wants it I'll upload it here.


  1. I don't really like that game very much. Too long for me. But good post.